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Destination marketing done right will take you from a maybe to a “must see.”

At Red Sage Communications, we put strategic destination marketing plans and campaigns to work – helping DMOs, CVBs, and attractions claim a unique space in the market.

We Feel Your Frustration, and We're Here to Help

Whether you’re targeting local visitors, cross-country travelers, young professionals, or retirees – standing out in today’s destination marketing landscape takes serious strategic and creative punch.

Red Sage helps you maximize budgets for success, capitalize on rapidly-changing consumer sentiment, and use data to your advantage.



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a basketball game takes place with a packed crowd, representing how venues can sell tickets through destination marketing
A woman smiles while holding a laptop, representing Red Sage clients when they see destination marketing results
Hikers enjoy a sunset, representing how Red Sage supports recreation and tourism with destination marketing



Strategic Marketing Plans


Becoming a go-to destination doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a solid plan, with the connectedness and agility to plug into meaningful trends.

Red Sage’s destination marketing plans and campaigns start with solid qualitative and quantitative research – to make sure we’re positioning for results out-of-the-gate.

Standout Messaging & Creative


Every destination and attraction is unique, but too often the marketing for them feels like a “sea of sameness.”

Whether you’re a Southern coastal city, a Midwestern entertainment venue, or a Mountain West regional attraction — our strategic creative will always showcase the REAL YOU.

Proven Tactics & Fresh Trends


As a leading destination marketing agency, Red Sage’s campaigns always combine proven tactics and the latest trends.  

We’ll build you a foundation on what works.  Then we’ll piggyback on today’s buzz-worthy digital moments to give you maximum reach, engagement, and conversions – helping you become a true destination of choice.

Integrated Partnerships


When we say integrated we actually mean it.  Our team of cross-disciplinary marketing experts will lead the charge or run side-by-side with your team of experts to deliver on a grand vision.

We prioritize excellence and clarity in communication, so you can feel confident choosing us as your travel, tourism, and destination marketing go-to.

Working with the team at Red Sage is a pleasure.  We have seen great results with visitors to our website, social media, and in person, since we launched and completed a five-month brand awareness digital campaign focusing on recreation and livability.  Our CTR per impression was way above industry average.

Thereasa Hulgan, Executive Director, T.M.P.
Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

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