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The new art of media relations is here.  

For more than a decade now, traditional public and media relations tactics have been evolving. Today’s landscape includes earned and owned content, community engagement, and, of course, influencers.  Red Sage has extensive experience applying these as effective brand-building and tourism marketing strategies.

Capitalizing on Media-Driven Consumer & Tourism Marketing Strategies

Traditional media outlets may be in a tough spot, but they’re far from dead. For brands looking to “make a splash” and gain instant credibility, there’s nothing quite like a profile in the New York Times. When it comes to tourism marketing strategies specifically, earning a shoutout from someone like TikTok travel star Alex Ojeda could be a game-changer.

Our agency could be an ideal partner for you if…

You Want to Tap into the Power of PR, but Don’t Have In-House Expertise

Many of our ideal partners are destinations or attractions in mid-to-large-size communities.

They know their trades of relevance, and they know a little bit about the travel and tourism influencer industry. But they don’t know enough about tourism marketing strategies, and are looking for expert guidance and ongoing support.

A Red Sage videographer sets up a camera, in support of an on-site shoot for a client's tourism marketing strategies

You’re in the Mid-South or Southeastern United States

Red Sage “grew up” in Decatur and Huntsville, Alabama.

Our media teams have long-standing relationships with local and regional media outlets in broadcast, print and digital – as well as in the community-blogging landscape.  We’ve helped global brands including major corporations, as well as regional attractions of note, to effectively engage media.

You Like the Idea of Lower-Cost Micro-Influencer Samplings

Experienced CMOs and destination marketing pros know that top-tier influencers cost a lot.

We’ve found great value in leveraging mid and micro-tier influencers, tailored by community, product, audience and platform.  Let us help you find a place for this approach in your tourism marketing strategies; your budget might thank you.

My Lake Guntersville on-site promotional materials, created by Red Sage for the organization's tourism marketing strategies
Red Sage connected us with Influencers who drove our reach up. We had several media pickups in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. We feel the campaign was very successful and showcased our outdoor destinations well.

Thereasa Hulgan, Executive Director, T.M.P. Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

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