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Google Partner Agency 101: Teaming Up for Integrated Advertising and Digital Marketing Can Deliver Better Results

The right Google Partner agency can help you unlock better ROI in advertising and marketing online.

In 2024, the digital marketing landscape can feel overwhelming, especially for organizations that want to outsource paid advertising but aren’t totally sure how to vet and find a quality agency partner.  That’s where a Google Partner agency comes in.

As a top-ranked, full-service integrated shop, with a long history of successful omni-channel campaign management, we’ve talked with a LOT of prospective partners.  Here are some of the things those people tell us in early conversations about “why” they’re seeking to engage a digital advertising agency:

“We just don’t have the team in-house to execute this confidently.”

“We know we need to build our presence in the market, but aren’t sure where to put our money across digital, social, content, influencer, etc.”

“We’ve been investing with a local agency, but we’re just not seeing the ROI we thought we would and want to get another opinion.”

Many CMOs or Marketing Directors (especially in the destination, attraction and venue space) are overworked and under-resourced.  Often they’re managing a small team, or working mostly independently, and eager to move the needle on goals with the monetary resources they DO have.  Deciding who to spend with is a big deal, and we genuinely want people to make the right choice.

If you’re in this boat, read on for our recommendations on how to find and secure a great digital advertising and marketing agency!


The Google Partner Advantage

Red Sage is a Google Partner agency.  Admittedly, that makes us a little bit biased towards Google’s platform.  While we place paid digital advertising through a number of other distribution networks, including diverse social media platforms, we’ve found Google (and YouTube!) to be an absolute ROI juggernaut.

To become a Google Partner, you have to meet Google’s own rigorous performance benchmarks and credentialing standards.  You also have to deliver for clients consistently.  As a result, it’s one way to ensure you’re getting a credible agency who knows what they’re doing and how to get results using the money you invest in advertising.

In this guide, we’ll explore the significance of Google partnership further, share insights on vetting the right agency for marketing your industry, and discuss crucial aspects of measuring ROI – to ensure your marketing investments yield substantial returns.


What is Google Partnership and Why Should You Care?

Being a Google Partner agency isn’t just a badge.  It’s a testament to a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape.  Google Partners are recognized for their expertise in Google Ads, but often also have deep expertise in Analytics and related tools.  Here’s why aligning with a Google Partner agency can be a game-changer.

Expertise in Google Ads

Google Ads is the cornerstone of successful online advertising.  Partnering with an agency recognized by Google as a Partner ensures you’re working with professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in maximizing the potential of Google’s advertising platform.  From search and display ads to YouTube campaigns, a Google Partner agency has the expertise to craft and execute winning strategies.

Access to the Latest Innovations

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, with new features and tools constantly being introduced.  Google Partners have early access to the latest innovations, ensuring your campaigns are always at the forefront of industry trends.  From beta features to advanced analytics tools, a Google Partner agency provides you with a competitive edge through artificial intelligence, creative innovation and more.

Proven Performance and Results

Google Partners are required to meet stringent performance standards, showcasing their ability to deliver results for their clients.  By choosing a Google Partner agency, you’re aligning with a team that has a proven track record of driving success in the digital realm.  Your marketing goals become their mission, and their success is intertwined with yours.

Continuous Training and Development

The digital landscape is dynamic, and staying ahead requires continuous learning.  Google Partners are committed to ongoing training and development, ensuring their teams are well-versed in the latest strategies and technologies.  Annual re-certifications are a must for staying in Partner status.  By partnering with a Google Partner agency, you gain access to a team that is always at the forefront of industry knowledge.


Vetting a Google Partner Agency for Places and Spaces Marketing

While being a Google Partner is a significant accolade, not all agencies are created equal.  At Red Sage, we specialize in more broadly-defined “place marketing” supporting destinations, attractions, venues, college campuses, and major employers seeking brand growth and talent attraction.  We introduce and bring people to places they’ll love.  If you fall within that ecosystem, here are some things to keep in mind when vetting your agency partner:

Experience in Destination, Attraction, or Talent Recruitment Marketing

Marketing places and spaces requires a unique skill set.  Look for an agency with a proven track record doing what you need done.  Marketing destinations, attractions, and employment culture demands skill.  You need a deep understanding of the target audience, a knack for storytelling, and the ability to showcase the unique allure of a location.  Ask for case studies and examples of successful campaigns or initiatives they’ve executed.  Also look for synergy with your own circumstances.

Integrated Marketing Approach

The digital landscape is multifaceted, and success often comes from a well-integrated approach.  Your chosen agency should be adept at blending various digital marketing channels seamlessly.  From search engine marketing (SEM) and social media advertising to content marketing and influencer collaborations, an integrated strategy ensures your destination is visible across platforms.  Look for case studies that show consistency in strategic creative across diverse tactics.  This is typically a requirement for high ROI in today’s omnichannel world.

Customization and Personalization

One size doesn’t fit all.  Look for an agency that emphasizes customization and personalization in their strategies.  The ability to adhere to a common brand message or campaign theme, with tailored sub-campaigns and content based on the unique features and offerings of a destination is crucial for success.  During discovery, make sure to ask how they plan to personalize campaigns to resonate with different target segments AND to capitalize on trends in the broader news and public awareness landscape.

Collaborative Approach and Communication

Effective collaboration is the bedrock of a successful agency-client relationship.  Look for an agency that values open communication and collaboration.  You want a partner who sees your vision, understands your goals, and works with you as a team.  Regular updates, clear reporting, and a collaborative spirit ensure your marketing efforts stay aligned with your overall strategy.


Measuring ROI: Key Metrics for Success

In discussions with prospective Google Partner agencies, you are likely to hear certain terms.  More experienced digital marketers may already know these definitions, but if you’re early or mid-career, or coming from a PR background, here’s a refresher on what to be looking for:

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate measures the percentage of users who take a desired action, such as making a booking or signing up for a newsletter.  A high conversion rate indicates that your advertising efforts are effectively driving the desired outcomes.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is a valuable metric that measures the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it.  A high CTR suggests that your ad is compelling and resonating with your audience.

Cost per Click (CPC)

CPC measures the cost of each click on your ad.  Keeping an eye on CPC helps optimize your budget, ensuring you get the most value for your advertising spend.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

ROAS calculates the revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising.  A positive ROAS indicates that your advertising investments are delivering a profitable return.

Attribution Modeling

Understand the customer journey with attribution modeling.  This allows you to see how different touchpoints contribute to conversions.  It’s crucial for optimizing your marketing mix and budget allocation.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

CLV estimates the total revenue a business can expect from a customer over their entire relationship.  A positive CLV indicates that your marketing efforts are not only acquiring customers but also fostering loyalty.


A Google Partner Agency Could Be Your Solution for Digital Advertising

As outlined above, Google Partner agencies can be a great option, doubly so if they have experience in your industry.  The benefits of expertise, access to innovations, proven performance, and continuous development are difficult to match when compared to marketing outfits that don’t have the same credibility.

Vetting agencies based on experience, integrated strategies, and a collaborative approach will ensure your destination receives the specialized attention it deserves.

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