Rayna McGuire

Rayna McGuire
Production Artist

With only her love of musical theater rivaling her love of Red Sage, Rayna is on a solo mission to improve our overall healthiness with her morning kale smoothies. Besides her desire to be buried at sea, Rayna’s reigning quality is her unabashed nerd pride. From Harry Potter to the Hobbit, the nerd references are over-the-head of even Red Sage’s quirkiest. Her artistic talents and occasional boredom shine through as you catch her doodling in meetings. Many of these Post-It doodles already decorate her workspace. These may someday become another Red Sage wall mural, who knows?

True Facts
(truth not guaranteed)
Office Nickname
Queen (for about 5 seconds)
Favorite Movie
Favorite book
Light Boxes by Shane Jones
Favorite musician
Obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)
Favorite Red item
Craig, my foam stress relieving crawfish
Favorite quote
"Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.”
-Neil Gaiman
Can be bribed with
Hidden Talent
Can quote the entirety of the Hobbit series (Smaug's bits are my favorites!)
Can fall asleep anytime, anywhere
Plans to one day run away to
Moonlights as
King of the Mirkwood
Muppet identifies with
Gonzo. Just a weird alien that likes art and chickens.

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