Plastic Recyclers Branding

Plastic Recyclers Branding


Plastic Recyclers needed to update their corporate branding, materials, and website. The new logo and branding needed to reflect Plastic Recycler’s history of providing quality services while establishing the company as a modern provider that can meet and exceed the needs of today’s industries.


Branding: Red Sage developed a unique logo for Plastic Recyclers that conveyed a strong, solid style suitable for an industrial service provider based upon an updated and abstracted recycling symbol. The new brand was carried out consistently throughout all corporate materials.

Corporate Identity Package: The new brand was carried out through the corporate identity package which included business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. QR codes were featured on the back of each business card, linking to a vcard for each employee.

Web Design: Red Sage built a new website for Plastic Recyclers including content development, design, and programming. The site featured case studies as well as a detailed materials glossary.

Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design: Red Sage also worked with Plastic Recyclers to design a more user-friendly, branded interface for their internal inventory tracking software program. In all, Red Sage designed over 8 different GUI screenshots for the software that the company’s programmers implemented.


Plastic Recyclers was overwhelmed by the positive comments received about the new brand look and the greatly improved software interface for their proprietary inventory tracking system. The company’s new brand look builds on the company’s strength and decades in business while establishing the company as a modern, trustworthy supplier of services to the industrial market.


Founded in 1991 in Decatur Alabama, Plastic Recyclers Southeast, Inc. provides plastic recycling and warehousing services to a range of industrial customers throughout the Southeast. Plastic Recyclers has developed powerful propriety inventory tracking software to better serve its customers. Since its founding, Plastic Recyclers has grown to over 35 employees operating within 400,000 sq. ft. of operational and warehousing space.

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