Panoply Rebranding

Panoply Rebranding

The Need

In its 32nd year, the Panoply Arts Festival in Huntsville, AL had outgrown its brand. The logo no longer accurately reflected the festival's scope and did not show the festival's tie to The Arts Council, Inc., which hosts the annual festival. The Arts Council challenged Red Sage to develop a new brand and messaging that would capture the spirit of the festival and survive the ever changing nature of the event.

The Solution

Red Sage facilitated two branding and messaging sessions during which the logo and overall messaging for the festival were discussed. From these sessions came a logo that was completely different than any previous branding The Arts Council had used, as well as a main statement that captured the important elements of the festival without quickly dating it. During the messaging session, Red Sage also created a 2014 Slogan: Spark Your Imagination.

New Branding Statement:

Panoply is the Southeast’s premier arts weekend where Huntsville’s innovative spark shines through a festival of art, music and more.

Rework Print Materials:

  • Ad Designs
  • Radio and TV Commercial Scripts
  • Email Marketing Template
  • Yard Sign
  • Ticket Templates
  • Direct Mail Postcard

Huntsville Times Ad: This was a complete redesign of The Arts Council's existing ads. The new ads used strong photos and bold colors for visual appeal. This ad design was part of a larger branding campaign.

Logo: The new Panoply Arts Festival logo was designed to more accurately reflect the current festival. The new logo was a completely different direction than any previous Panoply logo. This logo was part of a larger branding campaign.

Passes: The Panoply Arts Festival’s various passes received a new design utilizing the new Panoply branding. These passes were part of a larger branding campaign.

Postcard: This postcard was design for the Panoply Arts Festival and included strong calls to action to increase pre-sales for event tickets. This postcard was part of a larger branding campaign.

Yard Sign: The colors on this yard sign were kept bold, and the text large and minimal to generate better visibility for people passing by. This yard sign was part of a larger branding campaign.

The Result

The Arts Council unveiled the new branding and messaging at a press conference prior to the 2014 Panoply Arts Festival and received great feedback from the community. The Arts Council staff expressed excitement about how the new brand captured the concept that Panoply was a "fresh, hip, and cool" festival and that the branding would remain relevant for many years to come.

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