Huntsville Hospital Health Systems Website Series

Huntsville Hospital Health Systems Website Series


Red Sage partnered with Huntsville Hospital Health Systems to develop new websites for three hospitals within the system: Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children Hospital, and Madison Hospital.

While there were common needs for all three websites – branded design, SEO content, mobile responsive programming, photo galleries, blog and news applications, calendar integration, contact forms, embedded videos – the scope for each website was unique.


Red Sage created a timeline that included overlapping programming schedules with targeted launch dates to allow for a smooth, seamless transition from one website’s development to the next. The websites were undertaken from largest and most complex to the smallest. As a website’s design and content were finalized and the site entered programming, the next website’s design and content would immediate begin. Each website was completed on time and on budget.

Of special concern to Huntsville Hospital Heath Systems team, were certain complex items including search engine optimization (SEO), responsive testing, redirects, and integrating a Physician Finder searchable database. Red Sage addressed each of these concerns in the following way:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To enhance the search results of the new websites, Red Sage provided keyword research using enterprise-level software. These keywords were programmed into page titles, meta descriptions, and page header text programmed using <H1> tags to conform to Google recommended best practices.

Responsive testing

Red Sage programmed all elements of the website with responsive code so site content automatically adjusts to a variety of mobile devices. Testing was performed to ensure that seamless adjustments were completed across 90% of all devices using a list that captures most commonly used screen width, pixels, operating systems, browsers, and supported devices. As series of screenshots were gathered for each page of the website based on these parameters, and additional programming was performed to ensure seamless display across all devices.


Red Sage implemented URL redirection (or forwarding) to ensure that new pages or new URLs resulting from the new site were easily available to past site visitors. A redirect or forward is achieved when a URL is programmed to be available under more than one URL address. When a web browser attempts to open a URL that has been redirected, a page with a different URL is opened ensuring no loss of traffic.

Physician Finder Search Form

Red Sage programmed a front end Physician Finder search form that links to a database hosted by Huntsville Hospital. A variety of searches can be conducted using this form. 


The resulting websites are user-friendly with modern designs, easier navigation, and responsive programming. 

The search engine optimized content and programming produced great results. In the first six months after launching the Huntsville Hospital site, Google Analytics results showed over 500,000 unique visits to the website, an almost 150% increase over the previous six months.

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