Decatur Morgan Hospital - 100th Anniversary

Decatur Morgan Hospital - 100th Anniversary


Decatur Morgan Hospital had historical ties that led back to 100 years of caring in Decatur and Morgan County, AL. In 2015, they decided to honor that 100 year anniversary by creating a campaign that would remind residents and hospital employees of the hospital's long history of serving the community's healthcare needs, as well as give something back to the community.

Decatur Morgan Hospital was created from the merger of two hospitals – Decatur General Hospital and Parkway Medical Center – and the acquisition by the Huntsville Hospital Health System. While the 100th anniversary was tied to Decatur General Hospital's roots, it was important to the marketing team at Decatur Morgan Hospital that the history of both original hospitals be honored.


Using a mix of historical photos from both hospitals and more recent photos from Decatur Morgan Hospital, Red Sage created a historical montage graphic that was used in facility signage, advertising, flyers, foam-mounted posters, billboards, social media graphics, t-shirts, and other marketing materials. The montage was overlaid with medical graphics and a mix of grayscale and colors were used to mimic old photos while still creating cohesion between all of the graphics. Red Sage also created a 100 year anniversary logo that was used throughout the marketing materials.

Using the feel of the historical montage, Red Sage created a slideshow ad to be used in a local movie theater. The ad featured historical photos with strong messaging that spoke about the hospital's shared history with the community and its new "Stronger Together" future. The same approach was taken on a series of ads that ran in the local newspaper, using historical photos paired with the specific milestones in the hospital's history.

As part of the anniversary celebration, Decatur Morgan Hospital hosted a free community event – Taking It To The Streets. For this event, Red Sage develop an event logo and several marketing pieces, including posters, ads, social media graphics, foam-mounted posters, a large banner, and other marketing materials. The logo was also used on event staff t-shirts, media promotions, and event cups that were used by downtown restaurants. One of the event pieces created was an event guide with a custom map. The guide was used as newspaper insert and given out at the event.


The historical montage was very well-received by the hospital staff, who took delight in finding colleagues in the old pictures. Used as column wraps, window vinyls, on a welcome desk, and in other areas of the hospital, the montage and anniversary logo provide a strong visual to visitors and staff at the hospital facilities. The montage design was even used on anniversary t-shirts, which will give the anniversary a longer-lasting visibility within the community.

The Taking It To the Streets event was very well attended, with an estimated crowd of 3,000-4,000 people filling the park. Decatur Morgan Hospital President Nat Richardson was approached many members of the community offering their thanks to the hospital. The hospital also gained a lot of visibility from the posters and promotions surrounding the event.

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