Decatur ENT Brand and Marketing Strategy

Decatur ENT Brand and Marketing Strategy

The Need

Decatur ENT Associates, P.C. provides both medical and surgical ear, nose and throat care for children and adults. Their team includes four specialty centers: Physician Hearing Care, the Balance Center, the Allergy Center, and Light Facial Plastic Surgery.

Decatur ENT approached Red Sage with a frustration common to many businesses: They were spending their marketing budget with many different channels, but seeing no real, measurable results.

The Solution

After reviewing current marketing efforts, it was evident that branding improvements were necessary. While Decatur ENT is producing most of the right materials, the overall brand image, including website, center logos, and the majority of print materials and advertising, has an outdated feel. This is a special area of concern considering it conflicts with the high quality, comprehensive services offered.

It was decided that efforts would be made to improve branding and messaging that rolled out into a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that would produce measureable results. These recommendations were outlined in a detailed, annual marketing calendar that included print advertising and deadlines, social media activity and advertisings, direct mail, networking events, and more.

The Result

Logo The various centers’ logos at first lacked cohesiveness and were not as modern as expected in a medical field. Red Sage update each logo so as to be easily translated to web and print materials. Careful attention was paid to retain brand recognition while making them more streamlined. In addition to a modified design, the tagline “Feel better. Enjoy Life.” was developed and added to the logos, replacing “Medical and Surgical Specialists of the Head and Neck” to better communicate their mission statement to potential patients. Also, for a cohesive brand, “of Decatur ENT” was added to each logo.

Website Red Sage recommended a new website as it is a critical piece for marketing, serving as the main portal to which videos, social media posts, direct mail and ads should all direct new patients. Decatur ENT’s master brand and website needed to tell its story of high quality, comprehensive, patient-focused ENT services with consistency across all centers. The website needed to be visually attractive, well organized, contain useful information, and provide opportunities for patients to contact individual centers based on their needs. Comprehensive research was done in order to ensure that the resulting website was SEO friendly, mobile responsive, and a seamless platform for videos and other education pieces.

Internal materials Internal materials were updated with new logo and tagline to apply consistent branding throughout the practice. Some new materials were created to enhance cross-promotion of services to existing patients.

  • Signage
  • Presentation folder
  • Rack cards

Getting Social Facebook and YouTube were included in the campaign because of their popularity and viral nature. For the campaign, it will allow for cross-promotion of services and will help drive traffic back to the website.

  • Facebook: Branding, training, monthly editorial calendar and post consulting, promoted posts and advertising
  • YouTube: branding, training, recording, adding, and sharing videos

Decatur ENT has experienced overwhelming response to the new brand and marketing efforts. They experience consistent engagement for marketing efforts included in the new strategy including Open House, Gift of Hearing, and Face Time events. This engagement is probably best seen on their social media accounts: Facebook interactions alone have increased 700% with a regular reach of more than 1000, an average of 200 check-ins, a 5 out of 5 star online review rating, and regular comments and shares.

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