Kacey Neely
Marketing Director

Kacey is a Huntsville native who recently relocated back to North Alabama from Delaware. Upon joining Red Sage, she quickly baffled her fellow staffers by confessing to faults such as never having seen “A Christmas Story” and color-coordinating her closet. Kacey considers herself the long-lost Gilmore Girl, and has the coffee addiction and fast-talking to prove it. She is constantly adding items to a wildly ambitious bucket list; despite this, most weekends you’ll find her cozy at home listening to her three munchkins talk Paw Patrol and My Little Pony.

True Facts
(truth not guaranteed)
Office Nickname
None yet!
Favorite Movie
Singin' in the Rain
Favorite book
The Fountainhead
Favorite band
I basically listen to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat 24/7.
Favorite Red item
My red heels!
Favorite quote
"Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's caffeine."
Can be bribed with
HGTV and trips to Target
Hidden Talent
After years of volunteering and working (in costume!) at the Alabama Constitution Village, I can use a printing press and spinning wheel and dance a mean Virginia Reel.
Photographic memory
Plans to one day run away to
Moonlights as
Aaron Burr, sir
Muppet identifies with

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