Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson
Vice President of Operations

Dan Thompson, also known as “Mr. Didier” or “Charlie” is married to Dragon Lady and joined the Red Sage team officially after retiring as program manager at GE. It is odd to say that this made his role at Red Sage official since not only did he help Dragon Lady start the company, he has handled all things financial for Red Sage since its founding. This includes payroll, which made him a beloved member of the staff long before he "officially" joined the team in the office. He is called “Charlie” because for over six years before retirement, he was often a disembodied voice on the speakerphone (as in Charlie’s Angels). He also likes to send reminders to staff to update timesheets in whatever foreign language alta vista or babelfish serves up. Dan often looks bemused, and sometimes shell-shocked, when he wanders through the offices at Red Sage, which he once referred to as “going to Munchkin Land.” In addition to continuing to handle all things financial for Red Sage, Dan is also responsible for streamlining project management, bringing operational efficiency and lean manufacturing concepts to a team of creative dreamers (?), and keeping Dragon Lady happy.

True Facts
(truth not guaranteed)
Office Nickname
Favorite Movie
The American President
Favorite musician
Allison Krause
Favorite Red item
Red Sage coffee cup
Favorite quote
"To be alive to the wonders of the commonplace, that is the gift of a wildly generous Creator"
Can be bribed with
Dark chocolate
Hidden Talent
I know when to say "Honey, I trust your judgment"
I read minds
Plans to one day run away to
Barefoot on a sailboat in the Caribbean
Moonlights as
Lawn boy
Muppet identifies with
Aloysius Snuffleupagus

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