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Why “Like a Good Neighbor…” Really Does Work

Written by Guest Blogger January 22, 2013

Why “Like a Good Neighbor…” Really Does Work

So, we all know the jingle made famous by State Farm...."Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there". It is actually more than just a jingle. It really does work. Here at the Red Sage World Headquarters, we feel the same. We really do try to be a good neighbor as a company.

As you may know, all of the Red Sagers have our own interests and volunteer efforts that we support. Mine is the downtown revitalization of Huntsville, Teresa has a heart for dog rescue, and Dragon Lady is passionate about education. The rest of the crew also has their interests as well but if I listed out all of our volunteer efforts, you would be reading a thousand word blog.

Fortunately, we work in an environment that allows us to foster these interests and passions. Not only because it creates good company morale, but because it is also important to us as an organization to support the communities that we love.

It is important to us to spend time and give back when our community that does business with Red Sage gives us so much. Whether it is downtown revitalization, dog rescue, education, or the arts, we are all helping to strengthen our community. The healthier our community is, the stronger our economic development efforts can be. In turn, the healthier our business community is, the healthier we are as a company.

As you can probably tell, we do get as much professional benefit out of our volunteer efforts as we do personal enjoyment. So, here at Red Sage, we challenge you to be a good neighbor too! Find a passion, volunteer, and enjoy! If you need a list of options for volunteer, please feel free to give us a call we have plenty!

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