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Access files from anywhere: 5 reasons to get a VPN today!

Written by Guest Blogger Posted in 2014, March

Access files from anywhere: 5 reasons to get a VPN today!

It wasn’t so long ago that if you mentioned Internet security you were viewed as paranoid. Slowly it changed to “it’s a good idea but I don’t need it.” Now there is an extreme opinion change due to Identity theft, financial transactions, and privacy fraud. Just the recent breaches with Target and concerns of spying by the NSA have heightened awareness to a new level. One way to help protect your privacy, identity and information is to use a VPN when you connect to your office remotely over the Internet.

Five Tips to Using Dropbox

Written by Guest Blogger Sarah Heidtman Posted in 2014, March

Five Tips to Using Dropbox

Vacations are usually pretty exciting, but if you end up being stuck at your parent’s house in a different country your daily routine can get messed up quickly. Not to speak of your day time job. Fortunately, I am very lucky to work at an amazing company that understood my dilemma and tried everything to put me to work thousands of miles away and seven hours ahead of time.


The Power of Pinterest for Small Business

Written by Guest Blogger Written by Guest Blogger Katie Woods Posted in 2014, March

The Power of Pinterest for Small Business

By now you’ve heard of Pinterest, even if you’re not quite sure what it is. Well, listen up! Pinterest is not only here to stay, it has become a top five social media site in less than five years of existence. More important than that, the value of Pinterest for small businesses is quickly and consistently outweighing results from others in that top five category (yes, you, Facebook).

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