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"Looks Great! Wait, I have to read it too?"

Written by Guest Blogger Posted in 2013, March

I clearly remember the first time I really noticed customers don’t really read proofs of projects I have worked on. I worked at a printing company in Birmingham and had designed a business card, sent the proof and approval form, and received word to move forward with production from the client. When the customer picked up the printed cards, he complained that his name was spelled wrong and should have been Stephen not Steven and asked how I could mistype it. I thought, “Dude, it’s your name, not mine — you approved the proof.”

In Support of Unplugging

Written by Guest Blogger Posted in 2013, March

In Support of Unplugging

I recently had a conversation with a local media professional about personal use of social media – Facebook and Twitter in particular – when one also handles social media accounts for one or multiple companies. I mentioned that I do not have a personal Twitter account. To say she was shocked might be an understatement.

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