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Articles in Category: July

Pimp my Site

Written by Teresa Smith Posted in July, 2013

Pimp my Site

Remember the MTV show, Pimp My Ride – where they take an old, tired looking car and customize it with everything under the sun? Have you ever purchased something and knew you would be making improvements to it down the road? Could be a house or a car – for me it's Lita. Lita is my Mustang convertible – I've wanted a Mustang convertible since I was in elementary school and after battling the beast that is cancer last year I decided it was time to get the bucket list car.

When two heads (or seven) are better than one… the art of collaboration.

Written by Guest Blogger Posted in July, 2013

When  two heads (or seven) are better than one… the art of collaboration.

One of the first things that I tell my clients is that I am not the technical end of things…at all. However, I have a fabulous team of people supporting me that are that strong technically. Thank goodness for that because one thing that I know is that my strengths lie in my people skills and not my programming skills. Hence the reason that the lights are still on and the doors are still open here at Red Sage Communications world headquarters.

Prezi Presentations Pop!

Written by Ellen Didier Posted in July, 2013

Prezi Presentations Pop!

If you regularly give presentations, you might want to look at a program called Prezi and take the impact of your presentations up a notch or two. Like PowerPoint, Prezi is based on using slide views of information made more dramatic through applying animations. However, Prezi animations go far beyond what PowerPoint is capable of and yield an experience for the audience that is far more engaging and interesting.


Written by Guest Blogger Posted in July, 2013


If you’re a Twitter user, then you’re no stranger to the hashtag (#). But until last month, if you hung out primarily in the wonderful world of Facebook, you probably don’t know what a hashtag is, why people would dream of using, or even HOW to use one. Though certain people have been erroneously using hashtags on Facebook for months (hi Dragon Lady!), most people have not.

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