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Articles in Category: February

Responsive Web Design

Written by Teresa Smith What's that mean? Posted in 2014, February

Responsive Web Design

We build websites – we built a lot of websites, and technology and the way those websites work changes all the time.  In September of 2012, I wrote a blog article on the differences between a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app. For most sites today we look for ways to make the site responsive.

Building Your Blog Audience

Written by Guest Blogger Posted in 2014, February

Building Your Blog Audience

Around the Red Sage office, "blog" is a dirty word. There, I admitted it. Our blog is time consuming and has been one of the hardest things for us to commit to doing. So, why do we bother with it? In just the first six months of creating our blog, our web traffic went up about 60% and it has grown ever since. An audience like that makes it all worth the work.

Efficiency vs. Innovation: Surviving the Epic Battle

Written by Ellen Didier Posted in 2014, February

Efficiency vs. Innovation: Surviving the Epic Battle

Red Sage is growing. That is the great news! We have gone from five employees just two years ago to our current staff of nine wonderfully quirky and talented people. This has called for some major internal adjustments to make sure communications and service quality don't break down because of business growth and to ensure new team members get brought up to speed quickly.

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