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Written by Guest Blogger Posted in December, 2012


You can ask anyone you meet about the value of social media, and unless they belong in one of those annoying GEICO commercials, they're going to have an opinion. There are the Negative Nellies who say it's a waste of time and money. The die-hard fans that can't go five minutes without saying "I need to Tweet this!" (Guilty as charged during our Christmas card stuffing extravaganza.) And those in between who believe they need to be more active on social media but don't really know where to start.

The Science Behind Great Web Design - Part I

Written by Guest Blogger Drew McDowell Posted in December, 2012

The Science Behind Great Web Design - Part I

Your website provides potential customers with a first impression of your business. While you no doubt know how important first impressions are when meeting people, you may be surprised to learn, when it comes to your website, first impressions are made extremely quickly, are hugely influenced by design, and have far-reaching implications for your business.

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