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Blue Dog Mural

bluedogLouisiana based artist George Rodrigue (b. 1944) chose a photo of his studio dog Tiffany, who had died several years before, as his prototype to create what would become his most famous series of paintings featuring Blue Dog. Originally developed to represent a Cajun legend about a werewolf-like creature - the loup-garou, early Blue Dog paintings were far more eerie showcasing a scruffy, pale grey-blue canine with red eyes. Over time, the dog became a friendlier image, the eyes changed to yellow, and Blue Dog left the swamps and cemeteries of Louisiana to seek whatever adventure the artist imagined and developed through different settings and themes within his paintings, such as the field of flowers shown in this artwork.

Now, Blue Dog has journeyed from Louisiana to Decatur in the form of this wall size mural. The mural was built using 2,379 3M Post-It® Notes in nine colors donated by 3M, through its locations in Decatur, Alabama, and Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Marilyn Mural

marilynmuralIn our former location, Marilyn Monroe was the star of a larger-than-life pop art mural based on artwork by Andy Warhol.

Faced with blank grey walls that could not be painted, Red Sage decided to brighten up their conference room with a brightly colored wall mural depicting Andy Warhol's painting of Marilyn Monroe. The medium we decided on for creation of this mural? Sticky notes. Over 1,878 sticky notes in eight different colors to be exact.

A lease agreement prevented us from painting the inside of our office space brighter colors than the existing neutral grey color. “We were a bit limited by not being able to paint when decorating our new office space but really wanted to create a bright and memorable space suitable for brainstorming sessions,” said company president Ellen Didier. “One of our employees found where a company in another state had created an Elvis mural out of sticky notes and thought it would be a good way to solve the decor problem in our conference room. We are all Andy Warhol fans and decided to go with one of his Marilyn Monroe paintings.”

The mural took about five hours to plan and about eight hours to complete.

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